Marlene   Kaltschmitt:
wall art for kids

Art For KidsI am an artist specializing in KIDS only. I have painted since I was 7 going with my paint case to receive paintings classes with famous artists while painting among grownups. I have always had a facsination with kids art and have been painting murals for kids in Miami Florida.

My latest work is my new collection of Original Wall art for kids which divides into themes such as Transportation, Flower Power, Bugs and garden and many more.

I painted them in 3D canvas, edges measuring 1 1/2 wide which does not requires a frame since edges are also hand-painted.  My designs are colorful, fun, and sometimes I use collage such as gliiter, rhinestones, glue paint to make them more fun for kids. Kids just love colors, it is a fact.

I know many moms that will decorate their kid's rooms on 'her taste' without considering that kids have an opinion and it is THEIR room. Kids like to play and why not create a room that is fun to be in. They will love also to be in time-out in their OWN room. Just kidding!

So lets include our kids taste and decorate their rooms the way they want it. They grow so fast!  Bring life to your kids room with one of my paintings.  I hope you like them as much as I love painting for them.  If you have favorite colors, let me know. If you want to personalize it, go for it!

Have fun!

by Marlene Kaltschmitt
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