S o n y a   M o r a n:
sensuality no longer shrouded in shame

Sculptor Sonya MoranBorn in London, England in 1963, Sonya studied art throughout high school before going on to complete a nursing degree. Seemingly satisfied with this safe career option, Sonya worked as a nurse for 6 years after completing her studies.

In 1986 Sonya took an extended break from nursing to travel, and eventually made her way to a popular tourist destination, Hamilton Island, Australia. There she met Foot Young, an American Sculptor. Entranced by the living nature of marble sculpture, Sonya decided to stay on an re-examine her earlier passion for art, now that such an exciting medium had presented itself.

For four years she worked and studied with Foot, learning the fundamentals of carving form in driftwood and marble, as well as learning mould making techniques. Sonya started exhibiting her work in the Hamilton Island Gallery the year she arrived. Since that inaugural moment, Sonya has now taken part in over 35 exhibitions and sold her work by commission to private collectors throughout Australia and the world.

In 1990 Sonya moved to the Australian mainland to set up her own studio. In 1993 moved her studio to the alternative creative nucleus of Australia, Byron Bay where she is still based. In that time she has produced hundreds of works her inspiration coming from the natural beauty that surrounds Byron Bay, and from her extensive and continuing travels around the world.

Sonya has appeared as a guest lecturer at a variety of different TAFE and Adult Education courses around Australia, most recently she was a guest lecturer at Lismore TAFE, Lismore

Art by Sonya Moran

"With sensuality no longer shrouded in shame, it can be expressed with fullness in both male and female forms. Such an art form can cross boundaries, even beyond the mundane mind, expressing a feeling that can sweep the artist and observer into an alternative state, a mutual sharing of humanness."

Sonya Moran
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